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Lil Dicky’s Show ‘Dave’ Is Everything That We Hope It Would Be

Dave Burd, better known as “Lil Dicky” debuted his new comedy show last night called ‘Dave’ on FX Networks and Hulu. Somewhat of a modern-day ‘Hannah Montana’ the show is based on Lil Dicky’s life as a rapper and as his normal self, Dave. The premise of the show can best be described as the average Jewish guy trying to convince himself and those around him that he is going to be one of the greatest rappers that ever lived, but nobody seems to be taking him seriously. What makes the show so interesting is that it is like a fictional documentary.

As a Lil Dicky fan, I would say the first two episodes of the show met my expectations. We have to remember that it is just the beginning of this project, I wasn’t so impressed the first time I heard his music, but it grew on me and I became a fan. I believe that this is going to be a very similar situation. Was the show amazing? No. But it was good for anyone that is familiar with Lil Dicky’s work. Much like his music, I think people may not fully appreciate the type of humor that he provides, but they will learn to love it.

I have no doubt that ‘Dave’ will be one of the most popular shows on TV in the coming years. Dicky has shown us time and time again that his creativity and his ability to collaborate with other famous people will help this show prevail.

Through the first two episodes, we saw how funny this show can really be. Dave was getting himself into uncomfortable situations with his girlfriend and parents because he was trying to create a persona for Lil Dicky. Dave tweeted “just got head” which his girlfriend yelled at him for because she is a school teacher and doesn’t want that known to the public. Dave’s argument is that it wasn’t him that made the tweet, it was, in fact, Lil Dicky so she has no reason to be mad.

Another funny situation, which was the turning point in the entire show is when Lil Dicky is in the studio with YG, a well-known rapper, and he wanted to make a good impression. YG starts recording Lil Dicky freestyling for his own Instagram page and Lil Dicky started rapping about how his girlfriend is on a new birth control and it makes her vagina super dry. Once again, him talking about his girlfriend as Lil Dicky got Dave in some trouble.

Lil Dicky’s hype man in real life, GaTa, who plays himself in the show is trying to help Dave find his swagger as a rapper. GaTa is a very pivotal character in the show and these two are going to make quite the hilarious team in episodes to come.

I think this show has a ton of potential and I am beyond excited for what’s to come. I have always been very curious as to how Lil Dicky came up as a rapper and how he was able to blend in with the other big named rappers. Not only is this show entertaining, but it will also be kind of informational because his fans, “Dickheads” will have a chance to see a fictional, behind the scenes, look at his glow up in the rap game.

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